Connecting businesses to the right people and places

Link Logistics is a different kind of logistics real estate company, one specifically designed for today’s dynamic supply chain. We provide the right spaces in the right locations, then create efficiencies through the service and support of our in-market teams.

Comprehensive customer support

Our role as a partner is important to us. Link Logistics' in-market teams support customers on the ground, providing local knowledge and industry expertise. At the same time, our data-driven insights help companies and entrepreneurs identify the best solutions for their businesses. Our customers reap the benefits of leading-edge technology combined with human insight and expertise.

Property development to meet every need

From new construction to revamped preexisting spaces, our experienced team and partners collaborate to design properties that serve every industry. We are continuously developing our network of sustainable, operationally efficient facilities in gateway cities, key distribution hubs and areas with high population growth. This means our customers always have space that matches their business needs.