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Our senior management team’s varied backgrounds, deep industry knowledge and team-building expertise make us uniquely able to deliver on the diverse and evolving needs of our customers.

“Link’s core values are put into action by everyone at our firm. We care deeply about what we do and the impact we have on our partners, communities and the planet. Promoting prosperity and equity both internally and externally is personal for us.”


CEO, Link Logistics
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Nicholas L. Pell

President and Chief Investment Officer

Matthew L. Ostrower

Chief Financial Officer

Sonya A. Huffman

Chief Administrative Officer

Britton T. Winterer

Chief Development Officer

Clark F. Ardern

Chief Technology Officer

Maria Naidicz Kappel

Chief People Officer

Scott A. Anderson

Chief Accounting Officer

Jack Hennessey

Senior Managing Director,
Central Region

“Energetic and optimistic, our team is dedicated to giving businesses of all sizes space to grow.”

Sonya A. Huffman

Chief Administrative Officer

Bud Pharris

Senior Managing Director,
West Region

Glenn E. Wylie

Senior Managing Director,
East Region

Joseph W. Finnigan

Managing Director,
Link Business Parks

Patrick J. Kassen

General Counsel

“At Link, our sustainability program is designed to support both our customers and the environment.”

Sam Stockdale

Senior Vice President, Head of Sustainability

Brandon J. Page

Executive Vice President,
Head of Leasing

Joe Lopez

Senior Vice President,
Property Operations

Chelsie C. Petereit

Senior Vice President,

Melissa I. Sachs

Senior Vice President,

Sam Stockdale

Senior Vice President,
Head of Sustainability

Jim W. Van Sickle

Senior Vice President,
Head of Construction

Board of directors

Philip L. Hawkins

Executive Chairman

Diane M. Morefield

Retired Chief Financial Officer

Grace Vandecruze

Founder and Managing Director of Grace Global Capital LLC

Michael M. Mullen

Retired CEO and a founding partner of CenterPoint Properties

We lead with responsibility.

Discover how Link’s environment, social and governance (ESG) principles help drive a more sustainable future for our firm and the wider world.