Technology powering the future of logistics
real estate

Link Logistics’ significant investment in technology continuously enhances the power of our platform to meet the demands of evolving logistics while driving success for our customers.

"We put information in the hands of our people in real time so they have meaningful data at critical moments and use technology to drive success for our customers."


Chief Technology Officer

Diverse perspectives for a common goal

Link Logistics' Technology team members have diverse professional backgrounds that extend beyond industrial real estate, from finance to quantitative analysis. The team identifies and executes on innovative solutions that drive efficiencies for Link and help our customers thrive.

Custom-developed tools

At Link Logistics, we create new tools to service our teams, investors and customers. For example, our customer platform was built in-house and our custom-designed property tour application uses GPS, navigational software and drone footage to augment in-person tours of Link buildings, allowing people to experience our facilities from afar.

Smarter buildings for a sustainable future

Link Logistics leverages smart-building technology to measure energy data across our portfolio to help customers achieve savings while meeting their sustainability goals. Developing new features that make life seamless for our customers is a point of pride and constant focus.

Hyperlocal data insights

Working more effectively requires seeing the bigger picture. Our Research & Analytics department leverages data science to identify opportunities where our customers need to be. At the same time, technology helps our teams measure operating performance by region, building types and other data points to gain a holistic view of everything related to our properties. These proprietary, data-driven insights guide our decision-making at the hyperlocal level.

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