Proprietary research
and insights

Link Logistics' Research & Analytics department capitalizes on exclusive data insights to analyze markets, forecast industry trends and track supply and demand. The team’s custom-built geospatial analytics tool uses machine learning to evaluate billions of data points from both proprietary and third-party sources. This gives the firm an edge when transacting in the capital markets and allowing us to provide tailored service to customers.

“Link Logistics leverages data and insights differently. Our intent is to be able to drive critical business decisions down to the hyperlocal level, generating value for our firm, our investors and our customers.”


Managing Director, Research & Analytics

Collaborating to drive industry-leading outcomes

Link Logistics' Research & Analytics team is composed of talented data scientists, mathematicians and researchers who work together to help the firm see around the corner.

Meet the Research & Analytics team

Q&A: Matthew Rand on Leveraging Data at Scale


Link Logistics’ head of Research & Analytics discusses the team and its advanced capabilities.


A new model for industrial real estate

From leasing data to building features to location details, Link Logistics’ first-of-its-kind model leverages AI to analyze billions of data points from the macro to the hyperlocal level to generate powerful insights for the firm and our customers.

Driven by data science

Our Research & Analytics team is composed of seasoned financial and data science experts who bring diverse perspectives from outside the industrial real estate sector, allowing us to create and refine innovative processes that move our business and industry forward.