Blog | May 31, 2024

Bryan McKrell Discusses Industrial Real Estate Market Trends

Bryan McKrell, managing director for the Northwest at Link Logistics, recently discussed industrial real estate market trends with a pair of California media outlets.

Bryan shared his insights into the supply chain with Comstock’s Magazine, a publication covering business news in the Sacramento area. He focused on the importance of last-mile facilities for Link Logistics customers and described how many companies are choosing to move their operations closer to home.

“Companies learned that their supply chains were vulnerable when they had to rely on manufacturing or production in foreign countries,” he told Comstock’s. “Instead of having these long supply chains, they’re trying to have the goods closer to the end consumer.”

Bryan also participated on a panel at The Registry’s “San Francisco Outlook 2024” event in February. He talked about the current capital markets environment and leasing trends in Northern California, including demand for facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area that can support advanced manufacturing for electric vehicles.

The event was sponsored by The Registry, a media outlet focused on West Coast real estate news. Bryan’s panel featured participants from across the real estate spectrum and was moderated by Vladimir Bosanac, co-founder of The Registry. See our LinkedIn post for a photo of Bryan in action on the panel.