Insights | Nov. 3, 2023

The Power of Value-Additive Sustainability at Scale

Sam Stockdale, senior vice president at Link Logistics and head of the firm’s Sustainability department, recently shared his perspective on the intersection of decarbonization and industrial real estate as part of the 2023 Visionary 200 Sustainability Summit, an event connecting senior sustainability executives across sectors. “Sustainability is increasingly a data-centric discipline,” Stockdale noted.

In an onsite interview at the summit, Stockdale shared how Link Logistics is innovating in its sector to build value-additive and scalable approaches to sustainability while partnering with its customer base.

“We have a strategy of measure, reduce and offset,” Stockdale said. “We intend to partner with our 10,000-plus customers so they can use all of the disciplines that we have created as an extension of their own teams and leverage Link Logistics’ massive scale to their advantage.”

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