Blog | Jun. 7, 2024

YOUTUBE VIDEO: How Logistics Real Estate Powers the U.S. Economy

Industrial real estate is about much more than four walls and a roof. This asset class sits at the heart of the U.S. economy, helping businesses efficiently manufacture, transport and store goods before they reach consumers. Amid an increasingly sophisticated supply chain that demands products be delivered quickly and efficiently, Link Logistics combines scale, technology and human acumen to create positive outcomes for our customers and communities.

Our firm serves approximately 10,000 customers, which range from e-commerce giants to local family-run businesses. With a nationwide footprint totaling more than 500 million square feet, we help customers move goods by positioning facilities in strategic locations that address last-mile distribution needs in key metro areas. Operating the largest portfolio of warehouses and business parks located exclusively in the United States, we use our scale, industry expertise and foundational focus on sustainability to power the economy of tomorrow.

Learn more about how logistics real estate powers the U.S. economy in the video above, which features Eric Penaranda, senior vice president and market officer, Florida; Grant Matthews, senior vice president of investments for Texas; and Michael Walsh, senior vice president and market officer, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

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