Blog | Jun. 3, 2024

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Link Logistics’ Infill-Focused Industrial Real Estate Strategy

Link Logistics is focused on developing best-in-class facilities tailored to market demands on infill sites close to urban cores. On average, our properties are located within a 30-minute drive of 1 million people, allowing our customers to keep goods close to the end consumer in key logistics markets. Proprietary data insights help us select strategically located land parcels that will drive long-term value. Our developments are then customized for each market, with energy-efficient and productivity-enhancing features throughout. Link Logistics’ Development team navigates environmental considerations, geotechnical challenges and entitlement navigation to deliver exceptional infill spaces for our customers.

Learn more about our infill-focused portfolio strategy in the video above, which features Bud Pharris, senior managing director, West Region; Melissa Sachs, senior vice president, Communications; Wes Vaughan, managing director, Southeast; Matthew Chapman, managing director of investments for the West Region; and Ryan Shelton, senior vice president and market officer, Southern California.

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